Coaching for energy

I find  when I am coaching (and being coached) – that when we get to a point where we are stuck and find it difficult to move forward or make a decision, it can sometimes feel like we are wading in mud.

Deep, thick, sludgy mud.

It clamps around our legs and feet and makes it feel almost impossible to move with ease. Physically we feel slugish, mentally we feel indecisive and demotivated.

Clearing that ‘stuck in the mud’ feeling – by addressing what is keeping us stuck, dealing with our issues, fears, confused feelings and old demons, can allow us to make decisions and create a clear way forward. When we do that, we also release  bottled up energy that has been rattling around and keeping us in one confused place. That energy, with a clear direction and release, can fuel our efforts to make things better, try a new business idea, get to the gym, motivate others to come on board with us and strive to our best performance.

What is keeping you stuck?

What will you do with the energy that is released when you create a way forward?

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