Continuing Professional Development

Having been involved in training and development for over 15 years I looked for a way to further develop my skills and investigated the area of coaching, which was new to me. My first coaching training was over 5 years ago – having tried out a few different offers and then settling for one that I found most useful at that time. I’ve also done short courses on NLP and corporate coaching as well as reading materials on the subjects. Since then I’ve been coaching clients – both individuals and corporate / business clients, frequently on management and leadership issues.  My feedback has been great – see my testimonials – but I’ve been aware that I wanted to develop further and was looking for the right course.

The CTI  (Coaches Training Institute) course I found was for both new and experienced coaches, and like any effective development, allows us to improve our skills and understanding, whatever our start point. There is quite an investment, in terms of time and money, and this really needs to feel worthwhile for me (especially as I miss weekends with loved ones).

The CTI course has been a fantastic investment – I have met some great fellow coaches and have been able to get feedback on my skills and develop further the kind of coaching I want to offer. I completed the training at the end of July, and have already been able to enhance the coaching I offer, in line with my values of continual development and striving to being the best I can be.

In a time when budgets are restricted and we are all conscious of both price and value, what are the areas you would want to prioritise for development? Can you, or your business, manage without investing in ongoing development? We continue to need effective management and skilled workers, particularly when dealing with a recession hit industry/sector. We also need to keep our eye on the future and be ready with the appropriate skills for upturns when they start.

There are lots of ways to invest in development, including coaching, training and facilitation, where an external resource is really useful to maximise learning and value. There are also great models around of people sharing their learning with colleagues, mentoring, and skill sharing groups, which are really useful to consider when wanting to maximise current resources.

In addition, online resources can be really helpful – either for free information or at a low cost investment. One of my favourites is: mind tools  – a regular newsletter and in depth articles have stimulated a lot of thought for my work.

 What investments in development are you making now and what low cost / high value options have you found?

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