Coaching – sample sessions

Have you ever tried coaching? I first used a coach when dealing with management challenges and wanted to improve my performance. It was a fantastic experience for me – thank you Rita! I experienced, first hand, the fundamental difference a coaching approach can have in management development.

Coaching can deal with an incredibly wide range of subjects and will often incorporate both work and life issues.

Effective coaching will follow the agenda you set as the client, but will also challenge and support you to perform to your best, both in work and in other areas of your life, as you decide.

However, if you are new to coaching, there can be many unknown factors:

  • How does coaching work?
  • What can I expect to gain?
  • What subjects or areas can I be coached on?
  • Will I get on with the coach?
  • Will the approach be right for me?

The best way to get an effective answer to these questions is to try a sample session.

I offer complimentary sample sessions to anyone considering engaging me as their coach – just contact me to set up a convenient time for a free 30 minute phone session.

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3 Responses to “Coaching – sample sessions”

  1. Congratulations on starting your newsletter! A taster of this article winged its way into my Inbox and I had to come and check out the full post here. I’ve had coaching in the past when I was transitioning between projects and it’s one of the best ways to gain confidence and also focus in on strengths, weaknesses etc. So I’d encourage anyone to get coaching for their specific needs from time to time.

  2. Congratulations on your new website and newsletter, Moyra! I’ve also had coaching in the past and found it made me operate in a very proactive manner around an area of change. It was great to discuss my ideas and fears with my coach, feel supported, and then go out and DO something about it.

  3. Thanks Yang-May and Angie.

    It is great to hear your feedback on what coaching offered you – even the most capable of us will need to build our confidence and analyse strengths and weaknesses as a way of moving forward. Your point Angie, about moving to action and doing something, is key – and what can differenciate coaching from other development interventions. Getting to action can happen much faster – particularly when we deal with the things that hold us back such as fears or lack of confidence.

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